Third Party Delivery- Running the Numbers to Keep Profits from Walking Out Your Door

Room 2 

2:00 pm – 2:40 pm

Today only 37% of restaurant prepared food is consumed on-premise.  Consumers love third party delivery services–but they aren’t using them to look for you– they’re using them to look for options. Restaurant operators need a strategy to ensure third-party delivery orders are as profitable for the restaurant as they are for the delivery drivers. This panel discussion will help operators run the numbers on third party delivery and offer specific negotiation strategies and practical operational tactics to keep delivery models profitable for their restaurants.  


Heart Cumpton, Sysco Iowa 

Heart has worked in the foodservice industry since the age of 15 with the last 12 years spent filling a number of roles at Sysco Iowa. In his current position he works with our restaurant partners to help improve food cost, mitigate labor challenges, and grow revenue. Heart loves cooking and being around those who cook.

Kevin Hatfield, US Foods

Kevin Hatfield is a Restaurant Operations Consultant with US Foods who brings 20+ years of industry experience and knowledge to your operation with the goal of boosting your profits and improving your success. As a veteran of the foodservice industry Kevin has held every position imaginable from line-level employee to unit manager as well as owner operator of a full-service restaurant and a food truck. Drawing from that, and the experience Kevin has working the last 11 years on the Distribution side of the industry in sales, he understands the factors that will drive revenue to your bottom line.  He will help deploy the tools, technology and solutions that will make a true impact on your business.  Kevin continues to train extensively with all of US Foods’ Check Business Tool partners to offer support solutions for your business needs.  His passion for the business is unparalleled. He is committed to the US Foods tagline of “We Help You Make It”.

Rebecca Casey, My Town To Go:

        Rebecca Casey has spent over 15+ years launching businesses and products in the animal and agriculture industry. She is also the owner and operator of MyTown2Go DSM & Ankeny. For the past 3 years, their key mission is to grow local and bring back addition revenue to the local gems in the DSM and surrounding areas.