Give Your Menu a Profitability Refresh

Room 3

1:00 – 1:40pm

A refresh of your menu can reveal untapped revenue potential. This fresh look to spark profitability session, conducted by one of the state’s most awarded chef instructors, will show you how to look at your menu with fresh eyes, run a few numbers, and apply consumer psychology to entice patrons (and their palates) toward your high profit margin items.


Chef Matt Meadows, The Isle Hotel & Casino:

In addition to running the Food and Beverage program for The Isle Hotel & Casino, Chef Matt Meadows is an Adjunct Instructor for the Scott Community College Culinary Program where he emphasizes the importance of understanding menu profitability, purchasing strategies, and consumer behavior to his culinary students.  Chef Meadows is a transplant from New Orleans.  He has helped revamp menus and operational approaches in every type of concepts from a noodle and sushi  bars to fine dining restaurants and casino buffets.